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Rebecca Kornbluh, MD is a dedicated private practice psychiatrist in the Inland Empire of California. Her personalized care for patients is unique among today’s overburdened, busy practices. With a Masters of Public Health from Harvard University and a Medical Doctorate degree from the University of Chicago, Dr. Kornbluh’s educational pedigree sets her apart from the rest.

Dr. Kornbluh has a strong background in Psychiatry and Public Health, having been licensed and board certified since 2002 and having shared her research in publications such as CNS Spectrums, Current Psychiatry, and Clinical Psychiatry News. She has held psychiatric leadership positions locally and state-wide. Her experience includes being Chief of Psychiatry at the largest Psychiatric Hospital in the United States and Director of a multi-college counseling center.





Dr. Kornbluh offers the highest level of confidential psychiatric care in a private practice setting. In each patient relationship, Dr. Kornbluh brings to bear her years of experience establishing trusted patient-physician bonds as well as her background of excellent medical education and research. 

As a clinical psychiatrist, Dr. Kornbluh focuses on the individual needs and medical history of each patient to determine a care plan. Some areas of clinical focus include anxiety, depression, ADHD, and medication management, along with many others.

Select Publications

Dr. Rebecca Kornbluh, MD, is not only a practicing medical professional, she also uses her experience and knowledge to help inform her colleagues. Review some of her contributions to psychiatry and top journals covering medicine in the U.S.  

  • Robert Schaufenbil, Rebecca Kornbluh, Stephen Stahl, Katherine Warburton. Forensic focused treatment planning: a new standard for forensic mental health systems. Submitted
  • Charles Broderick, Allen Azizian, Rebecca Kornbluh, Katherine Warburton. Prevalence of physical violence in a forensic psychiatric hospital system during 2011-2013: Patient assaults, staff assaults, and repeatedly violent patients. CNS Spectrums (accepted)
  • Rebecca Kornbluh. Telepsychiatry: ready to consider a different kind of practice? Current Psychiatry (accepted).
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