Kornbluh, MD

is a dedicated private practice psychiatrist in Claremont, California. Her personalized care for patients is unique among today’s overburdened, busy practices.

As an experienced, Harvard University trained, leader in Psychiatry, Dr. Kornbluh can work with you or your loved one.

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Working collaboratively with your other clinicians and medical professionals in Claremont, Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside, and the greater Inland Empire-area, You can count on Dr. Kornbluh to provide top-level assistance.

Clinical Psychiatry

Years of medical experience treating, researching and teaching.


Medication management in Claremont you can trust.

Anxiety and Depression

Evidence-based care for patients with anxiety and depression.


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder care informed by the latest medical research.


Comprehensive, compassionate care for bipolar disorder.

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Current patients can manage appointments to our Claremont location and receive secure messages via the patient portal.

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Professional and Personalized Psychiatry in Claremont

Searching for the right psychiatrist in Claremont can be difficult. In areas like the Inland Empire, the demand for psychiatric advice often outstrips the availability. It can be especially difficult to find a psychiatrist with the highest levels of medical and psychiatric training.

Enter Rebecca Kornbluh, MD. Dr. Kornbluh is a leader in the field of Psychiatry. She has treated patients of all ages with compassion and expertise. She is the ideal choice to treat young adults, adults, and adolescents. With her extensive experience in psychiatry, Dr. Kornbluh is familiar with all treatment options. She will develop a treatment program tailored to your needs. As a Medical Doctor, she is able to help you understand your psychiatric treatment and to answer all of your questions.

Dr. Kornbluh received her medical and psychiatric training at some of the most prestigious medical institutions in the United States, including Harvard University. She has collaborated with the top doctors in psychiatry in order to improve treatment of depression and anxiety. Dr. Kornbluh has been on faculty at top medical schools and is a leader in the field.

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